About Us

As a owner-operators wife, April Lee was increasingly aware of the challenges shippers and carriers faced. She began looking for ways to improve the shipping process and unite shippers with carriers. So in 2016, April made the brave decision to start her own transportation brokerage company currently known as Mo Freight Llc in her home town of Mansfield, Missouri. 

April chose to open her business in the small rural town of Mansfield, because it offered a sense of familiarity that is not found in a large city. She loves the small town atmosphere that she came to enjoy growing up, from its wide open spaces, close nit community, and abundance of fresh country air. 

April began what she referred to as “living the American dream” and as years went on Mo Freight has continued to grow and expand uniting shippers with the best carriers in the transportation industry. April's main business objective has always been to provide her customer's with the best shipping experience at the best affordable price. Staying true to her values, April continuously strives to implement positive changes while keep shipping rates affordable for her customer's providing the best shipping experience that many have come to expect from a freight brokerage.

Mo Freight's Mission Statement

Mo Freight is a small freight brokerage whose main objective is to provide its customers with safe and reliable shipping. We value our customers and work hard to ensure their shipping needs are met. We know that in order to be successful and to ensure a profitable growth we must provide complete customer satisfaction. We hold true to our value's and are fully committed to ensuring our customers have a positive shipping experience. We use a large network of safe reliable carriers to ensure each shipment is handled properly, safely, and arrives on time. Our company is committed to being the very best at what we do by having the highest standards for our employees which promotes professional and personal growth.